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Slit metalized polyester film( aluminum metalized and protective epoxy resin coated)into various sizes of 1/50"1/69", 1/85"1/100", 1/110" 1/120"1mm2mm and thickness of 12 microns15u), 23 microns(25u), 30 microns(rainbow/pearl, laser), 60 microns(70u)(with other size available up request).

Popular colors: Silver and Gold.

Available colors on request: Brown, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Black etc.

Special colors on request: Rainbow/pearl, Multi-color, Fluorescent, Transparent, Mat color etc.

This is widely used in pre-dyed textiles(weaving), embroidery, velvet, lacess, ribbons, accessories, industrial subsidiary materials, interior decoration, kitchen scrubber etc.

Popular packing: 1/69"(23u) in ABS bobbins with L=7000 meters; 1/100"(23u) in ABS bobbins with L=10400 meters 100 bobbins are packed in cartons. 2 cartons are packed in an exporting carton. Exporting carton size: 610x320x285(mm) other ABS bobbins size available upon request.

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